dream diary

At afternoon or before dawn,

everybody, like a prawn,

lays in bed to slumber

and without light stays somber.

Sleep is distinct,

naps are succint,

the brain is odd

and the worst ice cream flavour will always be mint.

Date Content Lucid? Score
May 28th 2022 I was in a dune-like desert with my friends. We had to perform a ritual by reading a poem. My friend L had one by Antonio Machado. I was stressed because mine was the spring symphony by vivaldi and was shy to sing it. My friend l got mad with her ex and we hid in a house waiting for the sandstorm to pass. My old classmate H wanted to look at the zelda breath of the whild-like whales and robots but i did not. I hid my body against the covers and slightly close the window. No 7.8/rest
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